About Me

Hi – I’m Ashley! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m a reader, writer, cook, and avid caffeine drinker. I’m most inspired in the kitchen with Netflix playing in the background and a freshly sharpened knife.

In 2015, I graduated from Appalachian State University with my B.A. in Professional Writing and Public Relations minor. Following graduation, I made the decision to enroll at Johnson and Wales University where I spent an intense but rewarding year learning all things culinary.

Sharp Knife Happy Life is my creative outlet to inspire friends and family with healthy (sometimes) and full-of-flavor recipes. Through this blog my goal is to provide a deeper understanding for ingredients and how to transform them to make something wholesome. I gained a lifetime of culinary knowledge at JWU that I look forward to sharing with you all here.

As far as what I like to cook goes, I’d say it is a mix of Southern with a strong Latin influence. I was born in Costa Rica so naturally one of my main food groups is rice and beans.

Growing up in the South I’ve enjoyed my fair share of biscuits and gravy and sweet tea, but I can easily devour a plate of rice and beans and authentic tacos in seconds. I stand by ‘Taco Tuesday’ for life. I prefer to use organic ingredients at home because I’ve been developing weird food allergies lately, and I’d rather fill my body with good junk instead of just junk.

On a less serious note, things I love in life: Shih Tzus (I have two- Molly and Frankie), Guinness, Tacos, Netflix, open-minded people, teaching kids about education, and a really good book. If you have any specific questions on cooking methods, ingredients, or there’s something you’d like for me to develop – let’s talk!